Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Crushfield" lyrics

"stand next to me"-a.c.
stand next to me
well i don't really know you
and you don't really know me
but there's not a lot of room in here to stand
and you used to be in my favorite band
and i would happily move over
smile at you and pretend like i was sober
if you please, oh please come stand beside me
i'm not looking for a boyfriend
and you've got a couple tours already planned
but i know all the words to this song
and i want you to sing along
and put yr arm around me while you
stand next to me
i see you across the room and i'd like to get to know you
you seem to be in high demand
but yr talking to me about yr favorite bands
descendents and dinosaur jr.
maybe i should've spoken up sooner
i'm not looking for a boyfriend
but if i was i would like you to be him
and i don't think we would ever fight
cuz' you'd call me every night from a different city
but first you gotta come
stand next to me
"silly girl i'm begging you
tell me all the things i wanna do
silly girl i'm in love with you"

"pretty like a girl"-k.c.
i am sucking up your space
pushing hard to interlace
precarious like china dolls
if you don't drop me first i'd fall
jet black makeup smears your face
pay attention, its not their place
i am sick of having doubt
brave composure all dried out
bold disavow
i'll show you how
i'll show you how
to put me out
you are pretty like a girl
i watch misfortune unfurl
i was hoping we could be
but we are static on tv

"stained carpet"-a.c.
you rolled off your bike
in the middle of the street
in the middle of the night
and like an old dog
you spread out on your back
said "turn the record up
this is my favorite track"
well this is interesting
this is a change of pace
i don't wanna stay at yr place
i don't even wanna see yr face
cigarettes and sour sweat
you wear the same clothes everyday
and i don't know why i care
or even notice
or why you have this hold on me
you have this hold on me
you are a man unfit
but i still make choices that i regret
and its so easy to forget
and sometimes i really like to forget
that you sleep on stained carpet
you live on another planet
you've got holes in both yr pockets
and you'll lose me before you know it

"green and red"-k.c.
you wrote my first name
in bright green letters
we are broken up
and i've never felt better
and i know you can't see
without yr glasses
and i guess that they're broken too
so in yr morning classes
you sit in the the front
and you think about me
you sit in the front
please just forget about me
its been over a month
and you think about me
you sit in the front
please just forget about me
i wrote you a song
you cried over yr exgirlfriend
you made my life so hard
my sister said its a deadend
and she is my bestfriend
sometimes i think she's my only one
and she never cared for you
it slowly came undone
and you are in earshot
and you talk about me
you are in earshot
please just forget about me
you were miserable too
and you talk about me
you are in earshot
please just forget about me
i scratch out yr name
in small red letters
we are broken up
and i've never felt better
and i wish you the best
despite the nature of this
i am moving on
you and i were destined amiss

yr green eyes glow
arms folded tight
yeah you look so scared
in the porchlight
and you go out like this every night
you wanna be everybody's muse, no one's wife
a stay at home siren
cut like a dull knife
and you want everyone
to know you live a double life
yr friends are talking too much
yr boyfriend is such a drag
yr friends are talking too much
yr boyfriend is such a drag
you quit yr job
yeah you didn't show
and yr at home calling everyone you know
to see where they are at
and who else is there

"big thought"-k.c.
i'm looking at you in my mind
we say the same things at the same times
and i think this feels right
and i know its hard but its hard most of the time
my senses slip all of the time
and my conclusion is not a crime
and you muse after me
and i roll my eyes
we waste no time with settling
it makes forever obsolete
and today it feels right
and today's all that matters most of the time

"word buzz"-k.c.
my aversion went astray
our words affix, it blew away
and i recount that night every single day
all our friends, they talk us down and
they live a harsh reality
and i live in a bubble when yr around me
i could talk to you forever
when i talk to you all night long
and i don't think that this gets better
i wanna talk to you all night long
we're allotted shitty luck
terrified of screwing up
summer's swollen eyes, now that door's shut
you have all yr thoughts together
i get a buzz from what you say
and i recount that one night everyday

i call it over
output appears transient
you subversively forget
put livid thoughts in my head
and you will resolve
or you'll wish we were both dead
i watch the scene in my head
sleep-deprived eyes, dry and red
things go awry
in mid-july
saturday night
diction blaring trite
i call it over
or run right into the ground
harbored resentment abound
i sleep with minimal sound
and i know you are
asleep in the other room
got self-possession to prove
reality is removed

"oregon trail"-a.c.

when yr on the oregon trail
baristas churn to tell you tales of 
absent taxes on the sales of 
the venti soy iced coffee there 

as yr travelin down this trail
a sharpened ton of pine trees flail around 
their needle fingers frail 
but never brown or breaking down

some might die along the way
from typhoid fever or food decay
the markers left read here she lay
she was too heavy anyway

as yr wagon caulks and sails 
yr idaho potatoes stale and 
leave yr palette plain and pale 
she'll break the highway richter scale

when yr memory bails and fails 
to photograph the small details 
just forge the river, you'll prevail
oh when yr on the oregon trail

subject to predicate 
my thoughts are incomplete
fragmented phone calls and 
the lights are on when i fall asleep
my brain feels like celery 
cuz yr brain is too ample for me 

pull on yr chromosomes 
fate fixed in gravity and 
you've got this knack for depicting 
a way of speaking what you see 
and i wish you were lying next to me 
but yr not here yr in new york city
why do you have to be in new york city?

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